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While we fly the flag of prenatal exercise and post pregnancy exercise for women, Body Beyond Birth is also a popular form of online Pilates. We’re finding women who don’t have children, may have kids in the future or may never have kids are choosing Body Beyond Birth.

Responses to our survey and also regular feedback via the social media and email opened our eyes to this being the case.

So why are women who aren’t with child (or surrounded by them) choosing Body Beyond Birth?

Here’s what we found out!

Our courses make it easier for you to step through levels

online pilates you can take anywhere - body beyond birth
The modified side plank (or side bend). With BBB, you can take exercise anywhere, any time you can get an internet signal

The dream of Body Beyond Birth was to continue journeys to fitness and health that had already begun. It is extremely humbling from your feedback to find this is the truth.

We’ve heard from women who are super pleased that they can save money by continuing their fitness journey with us. When you move from the pregnancy program or if you step through from our Body Beyond Birth programs to the next fitness level, we reward your commitment.

We also make it easier for you to repeat the entire program so you can work at your own pace.

Each member receives a $50 discount when you renew on the same level or if you move to the next one. 

This is a workout for women that continues for as long as you want it. And you’re taking advantage of it. Thank you!

Not all online Pilates courses are created equal

While it seems alien to us, it’s rare online Pilates mixes with physiotherapy. That extra bit of science around the body makes the Body Beyond Birth offering stronger. We’ve got women who have had injuries choosing our Pilates course because the science of movement is there. The physio adds an aspect to our online Pilates course not found in other exercise options for women. It helps women with disabilities and injuries feel confident in our program.

We’ve also heard from many a member that combining the recipes and nutrition helps with a vital part of the equation. And that adding yoga, walking and other forms of exercise to the mix helps keep the variety you need to remain inspired.

There’s also a lot of feedback about how time pressured Mums simply can’t keep up with other courses they way they can keep up with ours.

The same is true of busy professional women and women of all walks of life. Women are choosing Body Beyond Birth because it fits with their lifestyle. We’ve supplied a solution to a lot of women juggling enormous responsibilities. Whether that’s raising the next generation or raising the roof in some other amazing way, BBB helps get the job done.

There’s something about Jackie and Becky

It’s quite flattering to see some of the survey feedback and emails we receive. They talk about the quality of the lessons and the way the entire program fits together across nutrition and exercise.

But it is really delightful to see so many people say the reason they come back is because of us!

The truth is we’re only ever ourselves. We love to have a good giggle at ourselves when we get it wrong. We love aiming for the stars. And above all else, we believe in what we’re doing. We adore helping people.

We want to help women everywhere feel fantastic in their skin. It’s just lucky that Pilates, physio and being able to have a laugh at ourselves are our super powers. And that beautiful, generous women want to share these super powers with us.

We’ve worked in exercise and movement a long time. So we know there are varying degrees of programs that make you feel welcome or not. We know yoga and online Pilates can sometimes have a little bit of the X factor marketing going on.

You don’t have to want to be model thin or buy the latest Lulu Lemon togs to hang with us. We’ll take the gal with the keen attitude, big smile and the 5 year old trackies any day!

But it’s nice to know we convey that well in our program. And that it’s something that matters to you, no matter your circumstance. Because we believe women should always be welcome in exercise and at the table of other women.

So thank you for making us welcome. And we hope you continue to introduce yourselves. Just don’t apologise for not being a mother (yet). Simply join the party!

This is about exercise for all women

Yes, we have tailored the Body Beyond Birth offerings to help women during pregnancy and after having kids. But our program is suitable for all kinds of women. What we wanted to do is design something that busy women could access in their home on their own terms.

We wanted you to be able to get fit in a way that worked with a woman’s body and focussed on common problems. Infinitely accessible and easy to use, designed to help, not hinder your progress towards fitness was our aim.

And we’re hearing we’ve achieved that for mothers and non-mothers alike. Here’s to many more women from Australia, The United States and beyond joining us!

If you want to find out more about how Body Beyond Birth can work for you:

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