Becky’s pregnancy exercise tips from her Today Show Extra appearance

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On International Women’s Day, Body Beyond Birth’s Becky and Jackie headed into the Channel 9 Sydney studios to give some pregnancy exercise tips. Becky was the guest of the wonderful people of Today Show Extra. Jackie went along to capture all the behind the scenes action of the busy national TV studio.

It was both humbling and awe-inspiring in two beautiful breaths.

First of all, let’s take a look behind the scenes of Today Show Extra

As you can imagine, the Today Show Extra team is a professional and a well-oiled TV machine.  From heading down the hallways through to makeup, you get a sense that something amazing is happening. There’s a real feeling of precision among those welcoming halls.

Here’s Becky, as pleased as punch and very excited, heading down the hallowed halls of Channel 9 to deliver her pregnancy exercise tips.

Becky from Body Beyond Birth getting ready for Today Show Extra

And wonderful pampering and makeup with the Today Show Extra hair and makeup team

Becky from Body Beyond Birth getting ready for Today Show Extra
Becky in front, waiting for her makeup while Jackie captures the moment

Nothing quite like putting on your face with the help of a talented makeup artist

Becky from Body Beyond Birth getting ready for Today Show Extra

And then it’s all lights, camera, action! This is the commercial break just before Becky’s segment on pregnancy exercise tips. Yes, there are nerves, but there’s also plenty of happy anticipation as well!


Becky speaks on the importance of safe pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise tips

As a degree-qualified physiotherapist with a successful practice, Becky is an exercise professional. Part of the reason for Becky’s appearance was to discuss the growing trend of exercising during pregnancy. Sonia Kruger and David Campbell were keen to help their audience sift fact from fiction.

After all, there’s a lot of information out there. And the risks to both mother and child are high if the wrong message is taken on board.

Becky has heard every kind of misconception you can imagine. And so she shared the following information with Sonia and David and their audience:

  • Seek proper advice on exercise when pregnant or in the post pregnancy stages. You may have situations like abdominal separations, pelvic floor issues and others that you could unwittingly exacerbate through too much or the wrong kind of exercise
  •        Regular exercise trains the body to handle more activity than most. Don’t place extra strain on your body by setting the fitness bar too high. Especially if you and exercise have spent significant time apart. Set realistic goals
  •        Real change takes time. It takes 10 months of changes in your body to make your baby.So it will take that length of time to get back to your post baby fitness level and body shape. Respect your body and nurture it back to health, don’t punish it
  • Don’t let the fitspiration get you down! A sports or fitness personality can do amazing feats with their pregnant body. It doesn’t mean you should expect to do the same. Remember, women who make a living from exercise train for an extraordinary amount of hours. And their bodies are often accustomed to well above the average sort of stress on the body than most others. There’s a difference between being healthy and making fitness an unhealthy obsession!

We advocate for Pilates based exercise because it helps to set a standard based on your own fitness. And it doesn’t encourage you to leap small buildings in a single bound. Not until you’re ready, anyway.

Working with your body to listen and challenge your fitness level is far safer than pushing your skeleton and muscles over capacity. And it is less likely to raise stress hormones too. Having a fitness plan that suits your physical and mental fitness preparedness is far more beneficial to you and bub. And it will help you enjoy exercise together without fear and concern.

And some other pregnancy exercise tips from the show:

hot exercise tips from Body Beyond Birth on Today Show Extra

We loved visiting the Today Show Extra and hope you were able to tune in. If you want more tips and videos on post pregnancy and pregnancy exercise, why not check out the Body Beyond Birth YouTube channel?

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