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At Body Beyond Birth, we’re all about supporting pregnancy. Helping you ease issues to do with birth in your back, abdominal area and pelvic floor. Giving you some much needed ‘me time’ in among all those competing demands with newborns and not-so newborns alike.

And now we’re very excited to share a birth of our own- a new idea and beautiful new product. Namely, our before birth pregnancy exercise program!

Why a pregnancy exercise program?

Countless women exercise regularly. Yet when pregnancy arrives, the options become limited. As pregnant women, we’re told what we can eat, how we can move and what to expect. A lot of it feels like you’ve lost a little bit of yourself.

It’s more than leaving alcohol, coffee, soft cheese and shellfish behind. And to women who have exercised happily before pregnancy and/or women who want to stay healthy for a growing bub, it can be hard to know where to turn.

That’s why we’ve developed our Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Exercise program.

How does the Body Beyond Birth pregnancy exercise program work?

Our Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Exercise program is flexible, easy to use and safe.

Anywhere you can connect with the internet via tablet, smartphone or computer, you can exercise. And no matter your fitness level, you can take part.

The program is physiotherapist designed and based on Pilates. Which means you’ve got a program that is not only proven to help you exercise, it’s safe for you and baby.

And because it’s designed by the team from Body Beyond Birth, you know it’s customised to suit the needs of a baby-bearing body.

What are the benefits of using the Body Beyond Birth pregnancy exercise program?

Make no bones about it, pregnancy is tough on your body. No matter how fit you are your body will be changed.  And no matter how much rest you can take advantage of, pregnancy is still a tiring time for a woman.

It changes the shape of your body, puts pressure on your back, pelvis and abdominal muscles. It interrupts your usual sleep patterns and changes the way your body moves. Those changes to movement can impact your hips, knees and ankles.

You’re feeding your baby with your body’s nutrition, minerals and fats which takes a further toll. Add water retention, breast growth, hormonal changes and nausea to the mix.

With all this combined, you can start feeling unwell, unfit and unhappy about the state of your body. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Body Beyond Birth pregnancy exercise program is designed to help you. And it does it in a variety of different ways:

  • Providing gentle, safe exercise to help you feel strong
  • Keeping muscles and tendons supple through Pilates based stretching and exercise
  • Minimising your pregnancy’s impact on your joints by promoting proper posture
  • Releasing endorphins and boosting your mood through movement and exercise
  • Working key problem areas such as the pelvis, abs and back to strengthen them against injury during your pregnancy and labour

How does it work?

The Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Program is a 12 week exercise program based on Pilates. You can do all the exercises contained in the program with a mat. You also get some friendly tips and advice along the way to help strengthen your body and minimise common pregnancy impacts. All via a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

When you sign up for our Body Beyond Birth pregnancy exercise program, you receive:

  • 12 different Pilates based exercises on video featuring Becky and Jackie
  • Helpful advice on strengthening your core, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
  • 26 weeks access to the program so you can exercise throughout your pregnancy and/or straight after baby is born
  •  Access to a great range of recipes and nutritional advice articles
  • The option to pay for the program upfront or in 3 easy instalments
  • Exclusive access to the Body Beyond Birth members area so you can share your journey

It’s perfectly priced and perfect for you

As we head to Christmas, we know the kids are usually front and centre. But remember, a fit, happy and healthy mum is the best gift we can give our kids.

Being able to deal with pain, body issues and mood adjustments means we can be there for our newborns when they need us the most.

You shouldn’t struggle through emotional and physical challenges to save money for your kids and new baby. Invest in yourself and let you and your kids share in the reward.

We’ve priced our pregnancy exercise program to suit your budget. And we offer both a discounted upfront payment option and a monthly payment plan.

You can buy the entire program upfront for $139.

Or take advantage of 3 easy payments of $49 per month ($147 in total).

The cost works out to be less than that glass or wine or large coffee a week.

You’ve given up so much for your baby. Spending less than $6 a week on your health and fitness is nothing in the scheme of things. And the return on investment is something you, your partner and your kids will enjoy.

Celebrating the arrival of our bundle of joy

Every birth is a celebration- even new ideas! That’s why if you sign up for the Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy program before December 31st 2015, you will receive a discount.

Buy before NYE and you’ll receive the entire program with all the trimmings for a super special $99 price.

That’s a saving of 33% off the regular retail price of $149!

This special price will not be repeated in the new year, so act now.

Want to know more? Becky and Jackie are happy to answer any questions you or your OBGYN may have about the program. Email us via hello @bodybeyondbirth.com now. We’re happy to talk you through the program.

Want to sign up? Join the official Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Exercise Program now!