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body beyond birth member survey and feedbackThe survey for home fitness program Body Beyond Birth is going down a treat. We’re learning a lot of helpful information! If you haven’t had your say yet, please head to the survey. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s bringing out some great new ideas.

So far, we’ve seen some dramatic trends. Our social media has received a lot of love. And we’ve heard feedback from many of our paid members that the program is definitely worth the investment.

But with all great ideas, hearing the negative feedback and the areas to improve help us make Body Beyond Birth even better. So without further ado, here are some of the fixes YOU have asked for that we are giving to you.

No more turtle speed website

We admit it, the Body Beyond Birth website was slower than a daytime soap underwater. We recognise it was causing frustration with our trial and paid members. The more recipes, videos and content we added for your benefit, the slower the old girl got.

We can’t expect you to get psyched about a home fitness program that takes a long time to load. So, we decided to go back to the drawing board and rebuild her.

While the site itself looks and feels the same, we’ve taken her from broken down Corolla to shiny revving Lexus in one week. Our developer worked through the website (somewhat like we do with the exercise programs) to stretch the website and speed it up. We have a new server so you can retrieve videos, recipes and blogs faster than ever before.

That way, when we say its 20 minutes out of your day to get fit, healthy and have some ‘me time’, we mean it!

If you haven’t logged on since the beginning of November, check it out. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. it’s a home fitness program that is fleet-footed as you’d expect it to be!

Extra time to complete your home fitness programs

As busy Mums, we know the best intentions go right out the window. Time flies past with competing demands. Kids get sick, you get sleep deprived, major life events happen. These trying times make it near impossible to stick to a schedule.

That’s why we’ve increased the access time you will enjoy for any Body Beyond Birth home fitness program by 50%. That means in a 12 week exercise program, you receive 18 weeks to complete it.

And if you’ve faced a major upheaval or life event that knocks you for six, you can pause the program completely. Contact us via hello to pause your program and drop us a note when you’re ready again. That way, you can resume once life settles down.

So no matter the level, you can always make the most of our programs safe in the knowledge that a week or two’s slip up won’t stop progress!

On the spot sales and promotions

Ah Mums. We’re so great at finding the extra dollars for the kids or our partner, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, we shy away.

We also know a lot of our community members are amazing marvels at stretching their household budget. You have to. To make ends meet and to give the kids the life you want to see them have, budgeting is a priority.

We’re amazed at the selflessness and resourcefulness of our community members. And that’s why we want to make it easier for you to join and take some reward for all your sacrifice.

Our 7 day free trial is still on offer. It’s a permanent fixture. The website is now running like a purring Ferrari, so now is a great time for you to take advantage of it now.

We also discount programs for our continuing paid members. As a continuing paid member, you qualify for $50 on your next purchase. You can use this to renew your existing program for longer, or try the next level. No matter your level of home fitness program, you can continue on with us.

And in the lead up to Christmas, we’re also offering some amazing discounts. You’ll have to tune into our social media and/or sign up to our newsletter to take advantage. But it’s safe to say Santa has made putting a little BBB in your life very affordable!

But this isn’t the only time we’ll be running promotions. So stay close. Because we want an army of happy women marching into the new year to the tune of the Body Beyond Birth drum. So stay tuned for more details from December 1st.

A new pregnancy exercise program is born

Some of you were keen beans, wanting to start the Body Beyond Birth program during pregnancy. But we all know pregnancy is a time to be selective about the kind of exercise we take part in. And that the pregnant body has different needs and focuses.

That’s why we’ve launched a home fitness program specifically designed for the needs of pregnant women. Yes, that’s right. You can now use our programs to exercise before, after and now during your pregnancy!

Our pregnancy program is based on the needs for you and baby. Becky’s understanding of physiotherapy and anatomy, and Becky and Jackie’s knowledge of Pilates combine to create a safe, easy and effective pregnancy exercise program. So you can exercise without worries while strengthening your body. All while giving the support your back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles need to have a healthy pregnancy.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into our home fitness programs:

Check out the faster Body Beyond Birth website.

Sign up for your 7 day free trial membership.

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Sign up to the newsletter for specials and promotions.

And help us to continue the Body Beyond Birth experience by sharing your feedback via our survey now!