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Have your say with the BBB Member Survey.

Have your say with the BBB Member Survey.[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]Help shape the future of Body Beyond Birth. Share your ideas in our first ever member survey. [/dt_quote]

Body Beyond Birth has always been about making sure we meet the needs of our community. What started as Pilates workouts for women has turned into so much more.

We’ve had such amazing support from women over the last year or so that we are truly humbled. Your feedback is what started this journey and it is what continues it today.

We hear from pregnant women waiting for their first bundle of joy to arrive. Seasoned Mums looking to take advantage of more ‘me time’ with the kids at day-care and school are always up for a Body Beyond Birth moment. And we know there is more than a few future Mums keeping their eye on the things we do.

Age, the number kids, your fitness levels or experiences with previous exercise regimes are no barrier. Catching up with fans and members at events and via social media has shown us just how broad our community is. We’re truly humbled by the participation and support you offer us each and every day.

Now we want to take your input that step further with our first ever members survey.

It’s time to give your feedback on the future of Body Beyond Birth

Share the love by taking BBB's online Survey.At Body Beyond Birth, we’re eagerly planning our next set of exercise programs and workouts for women. We’re also investigating where we can find passionate people like you. As our next steps are all about giving you more of what you want, we’re throwing open the feedback doors with our first ever survey.

Our survey is open to any member of the BBB community. Whether you’re a paid member who has progressed throughout our existing programs or you’ve been watching us from afar via social media, we want to hear from you. From trial members through to those of you who have shared our news and suggested our products over coffee with friends, every opinion is welcome.

The survey is completely voluntary and takes about 5 minutes to complete. It includes questions about how you feel about our products, where we should be to spread the word and a little about you. We’re looking at the kinds of things that work for you with Body Beyond Birth. And asking what aspects you’d change if you got the chance.

Feel free to be as open and honest as you like. You’re welcome to remain completely anonymous. Or you can register your email address and go into the draw to win a personal feedback Skype session with BBB creators Becky and Jackie. We’re keen to hear more of your opinions and ideas about the direction of Body Beyond Birth.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the Body Beyond Birth survey link and share your views today! The five minutes you give us will make a world of difference to what we offer you in the future.

Hit that survey now through this link

All our love,