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Women’s health is something that is extremely important to us. It’s been almost two years since we started working extensively on bringing our Body Beyond Birth program to life, and coming up to 12 months since we launched it.

So we thought it was time to formally introduce our baby, Body Beyond Birth, to the world.

Last week we hosted an exclusive women’s health event in Sydney to spread our message with some of the media’s top influencers.

Hosted by Dual Olympian swimmer and mother of three, Elka Whalan at The School by Megan Morton, the breakfast event saw Australia’s top parenting magazines, health and wellness websites and mummy bloggers come together to discuss all things health and fitness for busy mums.

We talked about Body Beyond Birth empowering mums to be their best self so they have the energy and confidence to live the life they want to lead. Becky and I know all too well the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while raising a family. We are living proof that it is possible to take control of your health. And we are passionate about helping other mums do the same.

As working mothers ourselves, we know how hard it is to find “me” time. So the Body Beyond Birth program had to be different to every other women’s health program out there. It had to be specifically tailored to mums to help them feel and look their best, which in turn benefits their families.

The development of exercises, recipes, ideas and nutritional advice within the program are all constructed with mothers in mind. This is combined together with our professional expertise and our real life experience as mothers and women who have experienced the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy.

A large part of building a great program is having a great team to support it! At Body Beyond Birth, we are so grateful to have a number of passionate, inspiring and professional women sharing their expert knowledge with our members.

Featured at our Breakfast Event were Elka Whalan, Nadia Felsch & Meg McClintock who were more than happy to share some thoughts & tips on the Body Beyond Birth Program, health, wellness, food & fitness.

Sharing her personal experience of Body Beyond Birth, Elka explained to guests how much she loved the way BBB nailed the core fundamentals of good health for mums.

Jackie and Becky’s easy to navigate program takes mums on healthy lifestyle journey that is professionalsafe and confidence buildingIt’s not a quick fix weight loss website, which are often unsustainable and can make you feel like a failure. The girls provide a platform to achieve long-term lifestyle changesmaking you feel nurtured and empowered to take care of your health,

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Nadia Felsch, who has recently joined the BBB team as our resident wholefoods expert, created the delicious breakfast for guests and shared her tips on how busy mums can cook healthy meals on the go.

“Planning is the secret. Taking a few hours each week to pre-prepare your weekly meals or parts of them will see your fridge well stocked and have you set up to make healthy food choices every day. My simple and satisfying recipes are created especially for busy mums and their families,”

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Our resident Dietician and Nutritionist, Meg McClintock gave her advice for how mums can use foods to boost their energy levels and to improve women’s health overall.

“Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. A balanced breakfast including a source of protein and quality complex carbohydrates – think eggs on wholegrain toast, fruit smoothie with protein powder or yoghurt and chia over muesli – will boost your energy levels and keep you full so you aren’t reaching for the sugar or caffeine to give you a quick hit of energy without much nutrition,

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We were thrilled to have been able to share our story with such an amazing group of women, in an amazing location with delicious food… What more could we ask for?!

We are now looking forward to our next big event which will be the Sydney Pregnancy Babies and Children Expo (May). That will mark a significant milestone –  Body Beyond Birth will celebrate its 1st birthday!

We look forward to seeing you there to help us celebrate!
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