How focusing on me time makes you a happier, healthier mother

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Why do women have such difficulty with admitting we need me time? I remember when taking time to go to the gym instead of rushing to social drinks after work made me feel guilty.

When I would propose a new meet-up time to the girls so that I could enjoy my morning green tea and reflection time first, the countless times that I have chosen me time over what someone else wanted from me or for me AND how guilty I, and sometimes others, made me feel for those choices.

At times I felt torn that I was somehow a bad friend/daughter/girlfriend/person for making and enjoying the me-time in my life.

As devoted mums, wives, partners and everything else – you’ve no doubt felt this way too?

What I didn’t realise in those earlier moments however, was that those so-called selfish decisions and prioritising my needs and desires made me healthier and a whole lot happier!

Gone were the times accepting invitations or going along with others’ decisions only to spend the entire time wishing I could be reading a book or watching Gossip Girl!

Little by little the more me-time that I chose to embrace, allowed me to lower my stress levels and make better decisions relating to every aspect of my life. Instead of rushing my workouts to get somewhere else I realised that what I really wanted was to take the time to challenge my body first and foremost. Rather than going out to dinner several times a week and not always making the best food choices, I instead either invited people over to enjoy home-cooked yumminess or moved the plan to a beach walk on the weekend.

This me time, prioritising of my needs and desires and taking the time that I needed for whatever I needed was consequently making me healthier and happier.

Because here is the secret – I may have made decisions that appeared selfish though I didn’t spend all my time in this way, nor did I make only these decisions.

By spending x amount of me-time, I became a more engaged, present and awesome person to be around and in this way I became a better friend/daughter/girlfriend/person. With more to offer, excited about everyone else and what I could offer to them.
Healthier and absolutely happier!
I also observed that my creativity was free-flowing (so amazing!) and this makes total sense as creativity is deep-down within us.

To access it and really connect with others, to thrive in life, we need to spend some time just for ourselves.

There is a strong chance that you and your health could benefit from some me-time so how do you do it?

And without isolating yourself from your loved ones?

To work out when and what me time will be most beneficial to your health and happiness there is one simple 2-step method.


1. When you next find yourself wishing you were doing x so much that it takes you away from what you are doing, pay attention.

2. Then the next time that you’re next planning your day/weekend/holiday recall those thoughts and factor them in.


Initially they may not be on top of your priority list though over time, and with enough practice, they will become exactly that.

FYI – the actual timeframe until I saw direct benefit to my health from adopting this practice was immediate.

Yes. Immediate.

You are worth making the time for in your own life just as much as all the other people that you make time for. As important as the friends you always support, the children you always put first, the family that you give so much to. You absolutely are.

All my love to you beautiful and please share this with someone that you know needs to hear this message.

Someone who needs to hear that listening to his or her needs and desires is not selfish or detrimental; quite the opposite.

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