“Eating wholefoods changed my life” – BBB’s Resident Foodie, Nadia Felsch

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Eating wholefoods changed my life.
I became leaner, happier, more energised and balanced. My hair was shinier, my skin glowed and I slept like a baby.

It wasn’t always like this though.

For a few years there I spent thousands of dollars and a whole heap of time going from one specialist to the other in search of a solution.
“Fix my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome please”
“Tell me how to rid myself of Ulcerative Colitis”
“How can I lose body fat? I’m doing everything!”
“Please help me with my crippling anxiety.”

Before that I’d been a heavy smoker and consumer of frozen meals who cared next to nothing about my own body and health. It was simply there and it looked OK so what did it matter?

How wrong I was…

Although there was a journey of shifts, development and evolution, once I changed the way I ate, my entire world changed almost immediately. I never knew you could feel so damn good! As someone who’d always loved physical challenge and exercise as well as working a million hours a week, I all of a sudden was smashing through my goals and killing it all around. I had more energy and vitality than I could have ever dreamed of and it wasn’t from a drug, a bottle or packet.

It was wholefoods.


With this new lifestyle, I set about combining my love of simple and delicious food with wholefood principles; eating as close to nature as possible. That healthy, clean wholefoods needn’t mean missing out, going hungry or feeling bored and furthermore that when you consistently nourished your body, you would be rewarded infinitely from the inside-out.

As my lunchboxes drew envy I knew I’d found something I loved. From feeling lost and hopeless once upon a time, I had turned my obstacles into something that inspired and empowered others on their own health journey.
I found my bliss.

Following my departure from the corporate world in early 2013, sharing my story, my reality and recipes became more than a side project and in June 2014; I launched my first eBook in a series named EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT. Since that time I’ve unveiled my brand new website, an easy to use and welcoming platform for all things food, fitness and wellbeing, I’ve contributed to leading publications such as Women’s Fitness Magazine, I Quit Sugar, Ascension Kitchen, Fitness In The City & The Whole Daily, created a meal plan eBook resource for my tribe, developed recipes for clients and run workshops in conjunction with Lululemon AUS/NZ.

It’s been quite a ride and I’ve absolutely loved every step along the way!

I continue to read, write, collaborate and trial everything that I can, knowing I’ll never know it all and embracing that fact wholly. This year I embark on my first year as a student of Nutritional Medicine and I look forward to weaving the lessons I learn into the food that I create for you.

As well as writing, recipe testing and creating, you can find me doing yoga, travelling, eating, working out and binge-watching TV shows like Orange is the New Black and Revenge.

I’d absolutely love for you to come and say hello on my website and join my awesome tribe and share your wholefoods journey here, here, here and here