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There’s been a lot happening for Jackie and Becky over the last few weeks at Body Beyond Birth and they can’t wait to share it with you. Here’s the latest news.

BaoBags, AusMumpreneurs and more

Firstly, we’ve spoken to so many mums who’ve given us so much great feedback about our Body Beyond Birth program. Thank you so much – your words are really encouraging! We created this for you and we are just so happy that you love it!
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Body Beyond Birth is also now featured in the beautiful BaoBags which are given to new mums in private hospitals throughout Australia. They are just divine! We’re proud to partner with such a quality product and belong to the BaoBag family.
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Some other really exciting news for us is we’ve been nominated for the AusMumpreneur Awards in 2 categories :

The judged category as Emerging AusMumpreneurs,

And the People’s Choice for the Product Innovation Award

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This nomination means so much to us. It validates to us that we really are a business and we are really entrepreneurs with a product women love and respect. We are always so busy just doing it that the idea of actually getting the AusMumpreneurs award gives us butterflies in our stomachs!
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We’ve been told that we’re so lucky to be doing what we are, and we guess in a way, we are. At the same time though, we’ve also had to push up our sleeves and put in a lot of hard work.
What’s one of our biggest challenges? Time, time, time! Or should we say not enough of it. We both have part-time employment, full-time families to manage plus starting out our new business.
Carving out time to create Body Beyond Birth was a huge team effort. We’ve gotten over slumps in motivation because we have each other and when one of us is flat the other is usually ready to kick some tail. We drag each other along and support each other daily. We also make sure we get excited and celebrate little milestones. Reminding ourselves how far we’ve come and where we want to go is what really gets us fired up.

We’d love your support in our quest to become AusMumpreneurs of the year.
Please click on the banner below to vote for us,
and we’d love you to share this with your network and ask them to do the same.

AusMumpreneurs awards nomination for online pilates program Body Beyond Birth
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Regardless of the outcome of the AusMumpreneur Awards, we already feel like winners just for being nominated!
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Thank you for your loyalty and support thus far.
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And if you’re in Sydney, we hope to see you at the “One Fine Baby” fair being held in Sydney 16-17 August. It will be an amazing event – there’s nothing else like it!