Incidental exercises for women: Becky’s Down & Dirty Stretches

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Incidental exercises for women aren’t only about getting back into shape. It’s also about fixing your aches and pains as well. Some of those aches and pains may be from the pregnancy itself. Others may be from fulfilling your role as Mama.

Today, you’re going to learn the best stretched based incidental exercises for women set around. You’re learning Becky’s Down & Dirty Stretches!

OK Ladies, stop for just a minute and take a deep breath. Is your back aching? With all the lifting and carrying of the kids you’re doing every day it’s no wonder your back is feeling tender.

If you’re breast feeding too, you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

The tight, aching feeling across your back, neck and shoulder blades is what I call Mommy Back. It’s caused by a tightening of the pectoral muscles which causes you to hunch forward and your back starts to take all the strain.

Want to know the good news? You can relieve this pain – really fast! Here are 4 quick, simple stretches that will make you walk a little taller & breathe easier!

incidental exercises for women by Body Beyond Birth

Doorway Pectoral Stretch

Find a doorway then place both forearms on the door frame.

Drop into lunge 
stance and lean forward.

Hold for a count of 30 seconds then shake out arms. 

Repeat for 2 repetitions.

incidental exercises for women by Body Beyond Birth

Midback Stretch

Starting with a wide stance with slightly bent knees.

Lace fingers in front, cave chest inwards and lift arms.
Hold for a count of 30 seconds then gently lower arms.
Repeat for 2 repetitions.

incidental exercises for women by Body Beyond Birth

Bicep Stretch

Standing tall with legs together, keep chest lifted.

Lace fingers behind 
back and roll elbows inwards then lift hands away from your butt.

Hold stretch 
for 30 seconds then gently lower arms.

Repeat 2 more repetitions.

incidental exercises for women by Body Beyond Birth

Forearm Stretch

With the palm of your left hand towards the ceiling, grasp your fingers and thumb with right hand.

Straighten out the left elbow and gently pull fingers and thumb toward the 

Hold for 30 seconds before swapping hands.

Repeat twice for each 

And you’re all done with my Down & Dirty stretches

Not your standard incidental exercises for women, right? I hope you are already feeling relief in your tired muscles.

If you have the time, compliment these stretches with a little meditation from the Body Beyond Birth Program. And investigate mindfulness. 
No time to stop? No worries. Carry on those Mommy duties. But come right on back whenever you start to feel that Mommy Back return!
We’d love to hear what you think of these stretches on the Body Beyond Birth Mothers Community or our Facebook page. Let us know what Mommy pains you might have so we can find you a fix – and quickly.

Want more incidental exercises for women to try? Check out the Body Beyond Birth programs now!