What a crazy week it’s been!

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We’re so excited to have finally launched our amazing new website for exercising mothers, Body Beyond Birth! it’s more than online workout videos. It’s more than Pilates. It’s about being there for mothers on your exercise journey.

This program has been developed so close to our hearts. As mothers we know exactly what your body is going through in giving birth and raising a beautiful family.

If you’re a mum, you’re tired, you’re feeling out of control with no time to exercise, we feel your pain. We are here to motivate you and to nudge you back into fitness with juicy advice and super safe physiotherapist designed online workout videos.

And yes, they’re challenging. We’ve done them and have felt our muscles quivering. But they are also about making the decision to put yourself first for the benefit of your family. To give yourself the gift of fitness while making the most of what precious time you have.

It’s about being in great shape so you can be the best mother and partner possible.

Why Pilates based online workout videos?

Mothers are busy. We’re often not working to our own timetable because it’s our kids that set the pace.

Plus, every body comes in different shapes, sizes and levels of exercise expertise. But your present situation doesn’t need to define your ability to get the most out of our online workout videos, nutrition plans or the Body Beyond Birth community.

We think you ALL have beautiful bodies and that’s exactly why we’ve designed 3 levels of the BBB Program. It’s specific to varying intensity levels, so you can pick a level that suits your needs best. Our main aim at Body Beyond Birth is to help you feel healthy, fit and happy in the body you’ve got! We want you to succeed on your own terms with your own goals in mind.

This isn’t always about weight loss. Maybe it’s about moving to healthier habits. Or relieving stress through exercise. It could be that you need some help recovering from a particularly tough pregnancy or labour. That you need some extra motivation or you simply want something that is Pilates based.

Your fitness journey and your body is special and unique. So at Body Beyond Birth, we tailor a program to suit your ability, lifestyle and ambitions.

Body Beyond Birth meeting the crowds

Speaking of bodies, the absolute highlight of our launch week was exhibiting at the Sydney Pregnancy Babies and Children Expo. We were so happy to meet a bunch of wonderful ladies in the flesh!

We had such an amazing 3 days discussing fitness, nutrition and our revolutionary new online exercise program with you all. If you had the chance to pop by, we hope you enjoyed the free massages and postnatal tummy checks with our physiotherapists. They seemed to be quite a hit!

We also just have to mention how cool it is to hear your excitement about The Body Beyond Birth program. There have been many happy dances performed after signing up our first members. We’re so excited that people are starting to benefit from our program. We can’t wait to see the results and hear your stories.

More than just exercise, we’re all about the mothering community

Don’t forget that you can also now log on to our  BBB Online Social Community, allowing you to connect with mothers from around the world – or around the corner! The Body Beyond Birth team is all signed up and ready to chat with you as well.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you through our own online Mothers Group and get you chatting about all things beyond birth! There are sure to be hot topics and recipe swapping a plenty so get your sticky questions ready.

As we mentioned before, we want to make Body Beyond Birth more than online workout videos or Pilates for mothers. We want this to be a place you’re proud to be a part of. No matter the stage of your parenting journey or your exercise goals, we want you to know you have a genuine community you can rely on.

A final thank you to our friends

With such a busy week gone by and exciting times continuing for Body Beyond Birth, we need to send a big thank you to our own families (especially our wonderful husbands!) and all our friends who have supported our journey to this incredible launch point. They have certainly helped us. We believe their support has set a wonderful example as we set off to help other mothers, find a little time to prioritise their own health and wellbeing.

And finally, to the women reading this blog- Thank you for being here with us now and into the future. YOU deserve this!

Want to discover Body Beyond Birth for yourself? Why not check out our online workout videos on YouTube? Or explore our membership programs today.